Pretty Pictures

The newest additions to my inspiration wall:


I have a thing for fashion photography.  Some may say it's not "real" art.  I may say, omg nobody even asked youuuu

[Images via Google Images]

4 Response to "Pretty Pictures"

  1. I love fashion photography as well....shhhhh.

    roni says:

    absolutely loveeeee the lily allen photogs. whooo

    tee says:

    Mr. Condescending, "I'll never tellll" ...I hope no one finds that insensitive.

    Roni, me too. Did you know she's supposedly ditching music to do a fashion line? She's being a tad overzealous if you ask meh.

    tee says:

    That was a Britney Murphy quote, btw. Just realized that's not entirely obvious.

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