Extra, extra, Nordstroms is coming to Union Square!!! Spring 2010!

Yes, folks, you read that correctly.  Nordstroms is setting up in Union Square.  Right next to Forever21.  And Filene's Basement.  I saw it with my own eyes today while running errands.

And not just any Nordstroms, Nordstorms Rack.   Meaning heavily discounted designer duds for your shopoholic pleasures.

It's about to be on and poppin doesn't even begin to cover it...

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PS: In case you were wondering, above is an example of my amazing photography skills via my Blackberry Bold.  My camera pics always look so sub-par compared to other people's.  :(  Why is that?  I swear it looks like I used my old Razr to snap these pics...

For the fanatics

I don't mean to promote this behavior, and I'm not (really) a fan, but I have to give credit where credit is due...






They take some pretty hot editoral pics. Despite how fugly the majority of the cast is   XD

[Images via here && here

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Life lessons.

Learn from my mistakes. I make too many to keep them all to myself.

1. DON'T assume that the state isn't in a hurry to receive the payment on your parking ticket because there was no due date printed on it. There is a due date, you just have to go online to find out when it is.

2. DO get the extended warranty on a Polaroid flat screen TV. It starts to fuck up approx. 2 months after the regular warranty expires.

3. DON'T get a Polaroid flat screen TV if you can help it.

4. Flashdancers is a terrible strip club.

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Dress you up in my love...

I know, I know it's too early for the holiday season overload.  Can you tell it's my favorite time of year?

BUT, these new arrivals from Forever21 are just what the doctor ordered if you already have a ton of holiday parties to pencil in.  At under $40.00 each, you can get them all!

Robust Rose Front Dress


In cream, black, or red.

 Get it here.

Rose Shoulder Sheen Dress


In red and black.

Get it here.

Couture Bow Sheen Dress


In black, red, and cream.

Get it here.

 Gold Splendor Dress


Get it here.

And for New Years'...


BAM!  Yeah, I like sequins.  So what?  o_O

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Lela Rose, Christian Lacroix, and Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sales!!

Looks like a jam packed weekend.  ;)

Lela Rose
Dates: November 18-20.
Times: Wed & Thurs -- 10 AM-7PM; Fri -- 10AM-5PM
Location: 224 W. 30th b/w 7th & 8th, 13th Fl

Christian Lacroix
Dates: November 18-21
Times: Wed-Fri -- 10AM-7PM; Sat -- 10AM-1PM
Location: 260 5th Ave @ 29th St

Rebecca Minkoff
Dates: November 18-22
Times: All dates -- 10AM-8PM
Location: 17 W 17th St b/w 5th & 6th

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stop there and let me correct it / I wanna live a life from a new perspective

I ADORE this commercial.  The GAP alway makes early targeted holiday sales promotions a little more tolerable.  :)

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Public Service Announcement OO1

This ain't Myspace.  If you have a playlist, don't put that shit on autoplay so that I'm automatically startled by a bass beat and have to fumble around searching for where that noise is coming from.

This is especially for people for people with terrible taste in music.


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Sick Ass Choreography Sundays!!!

So I know I promised new videos but I'm still looking!

In the meantime, this routine is smexii. ^_^ Choreographers: Glory Mendoza and Kyle Hanagami.

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Stocking stuffers

Cheap gift ideas for the hipster friend in your life.

What: Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend record

For: $14.98

Because: they're so indie. And the lead singer used to be a math teacher. I find that adorable.

Get it: here

What: Cardboard Buck Jr. Trophy
For: $32.00
Because: it'll look great in their "East Williamsburg" loft.

Get it: here

What: Where the Wild Things Are Viewmaster

For: $18.00
Because: they really dig nostalgia.

Get it: here

What: Owl Ring

For: $16.00
Because: it's quirky and vintage-y.

Get it: here

What: Big W Wayfarer Reader

For: $10.00

Because: they look like Ray Bans.

Get it: here

What: Boombox Dock Speakers

For: $18.00

Because: it's so retro.

Get it: here

What: The Polaroid Book by Barbara Hitchcock

For: $14.99

Because: they really dig Polaroids.

Get it: here

What: Holgawood Camera

For: $48.00

Because: they need something to document their trips to flea markets and vegan spots.

Get it: here.

What: Little Birch Jewelry Stand

For: $28.00
Because: they need something to hang their flea market finds on.

Get it: here

What: No Star Socks on Canvas
For: $48.00
Because: photography is their favorite form of art.
Get it: here

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...is up with people who just stop talking to you all of a sudden?

BITCH, if you only knew how much I disliked you in the first place. You're actually doing me a huge favor.

That's why your bum ass can't dress. Hmph.

heart always,


This chick...

...rocks my world.

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Why are people always so surprised and annoyed when retailers push Christmas just days after Halloween when it happens EVERY YEAR? Just deal. Kthanx

Dude, it's been forever.

How about some pics of well dressed celebs out and about?

The always gorge Victoria Beckham at a Lakers game

Reese Witherspoon looking sweet in Narciso Rodriguez

Katy Perry looking tame and stylish in a Marchesa gown.

Audrina Patridge in Lanvin thigh highs. Hot!


heart always,


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