Anybody who knows me knows I fucking love New Year's Eve because I fucking love to party.  And that night is the only night everyone is partying at the same time for the same reason.  The energy in the air is amazing.  But enough gushing about NYC.

My evening was... eventful.  It involved an aborted search and rescue mission for one of my girls constantly on the search for more kicks; a tag team mission involving taking turns doing toilet duty, pulling back the hair of two girls who were having much more fun than the rest of us; eventually (and I would add inevitably) being kicked out of the club by a security guard and EMT because "by law" we can't occupy a bathroom stall for that long (??); being separated from the group because of it; not being able to get in contact with the group due to completely dead phones; dragging an acquaintance I made just 2 hours ago that night back to my Brooklyn apartment via the always pleasurable mass transit; attempting to sober her up while charging my phone enough to call out; picking up my car and driving back to the city to pick up the stragglers the rest of the group; driving to Jersey to drop them all off; taking a 45 min nap so I could make it back to my apartment in one piece; and losing some personal belongings and sensation in one of my toes.  So not kidding about that last part.

In case you weren't clear on the fact that NYE was created for bad decisions, this was the only advertisement plastered on the mirrors in ladies' room

It was one of those nights that are so bad, you can't even really be mad because you're so glad it's over.  I remember chatting about the epic-ness of it all over 24 hr Subway sandwiches at 5:00 AM and being highly amused.  It was almost fun.  Kind of like an adventure.


Here's where I'm supposed to reflect on the past, right?  Well I was all gun ho to document how shitty the past year has been as on par with how the rest of the world apparently feels... but I can't.  Eff a recession, my year was pretty pops.  I turned 21 and madness ensued, moved out to NYC, went on the best vacation of my life (Meh-hi-co!), got my first film credit, took Italian and fell in love with Italy, started blogging and fell in love with the blog world, and lots more awesome shit.  Sure a lot cool people passed away and I'm almost dead broke but I can't say this year was a complete bust.  I mean, again, I turned 21!


Out of the many newsletters I'm subscribed to, I got this little gem I thought I'd share:

Old Acquaintance, Soon Forgot
End-of-the-Decade Fill-in-the-Blank

Dear ___ [name of frenemy],
After reflecting on our ___ [Freudian term] relationship, I realized that you suck the energy out of me like ___ [2009 vampire protagonist]. My therapist told me to get everything off my ___ [body part], so here goes:
Truth is, I never liked going ___ [trendy retro leisure sport] with you. I’m not your personal ___ [pathetic reality TV sidekick]. And it’s no secret that you ___ [past-tense verb] my boyfriend. I’d ask if you were on ___ [prescription drug], but I already know the answer, since you stole it from my ____ [aging relative].
Of course, there were magical times (guzzling whiskey cocktails at ___ [favorite NYC gastropub], charging clog boots at ___ [favorite indie boutique] on your mom’s credit card), but I want to move into 2010 as a healthy, ___ [positive emotion] person.
I do blame you for my ___ [sign of aging] but otherwise no hard feelings. Here’s to making 2010 as drama free as ___ [PBS documentary title].
___ [your name]


Here's to making 2010 even more kick ass.

[Image via we heart it]

2 Response to "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

  1. Matt says:

    I had no idea there was a bathroom stall occupancy time limit.

    I doubt its true. I know a couple guys at my work who would get arrested daily.

    tee says:

    Yeah, it was probably more like a "max bathroom attendant's annoyance time limit". Either way, that club got a very sternly worded bad review from me on Citysearch. Yessiree, bob.

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