Yves Saint Laurent sample sale

You already know.

Location: Metropolitan Pavilion: 125 W. 18th St, 4th Fl
Dates: October 29-30
Times: 10/29 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (missed it!), 10/30 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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Missed connections - w4w

You: Brunette smoking and driving a black Solera east-bound on the SIE about three days ago.

Me: Driving a bluish-grey BMW entering the expressway by exit 13.


It's a merge, not a yield. You have to let me the fuck in! You could've died, or worse you could've totalled my car. And then what would I have done??

You clearly weren't in a hurry anyway because your terrible driving skills got you caught behind a flatbed nanoseconds later and you didn't bother to cut off someone else to get your self out that situation.

I hope you are the cause of a three car pileup on the BQE on some Final Destination shit and leave with just a scratch only to die a lung cancer related death 3 weeks later.


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Cozy up with Fred

Hot jackets and blazers at Fred Flare.

Get them here, here, here, anddddd here!

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A little romance...

An Etsy find.

Adorable, no? And custom made for only $49! Get it here.

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I'm not quite sure what to do with this thing.

When I first started this blog I had the brilliant idea that is was actually going to be about shit. Not just random "inspirational" photos jacked off of Flickr or musings that I think other people would want to read but more often wouldn't. But something of substance. Something I could actually link prospective future employers to as a sample of my writing skills.

But then I couldn't help myself from cursing so that went to the wayside.

So in case you haven't noticed, I've slowly but surely been sneaking in personal entries here and there.

But then! I was plagued with the notion that my personal entries had to be positive. This is mostly completely due to being a member of 20 Something Bloggers. Don't get me wrong, I've found some really good informational, fashionable, and LOL worthy blogs on there. But you have to weed through all the my life is so amazingly average shit first. I was flooded with so much I'm a 20-something-year-old just trying to navigate my way through life! positivity, I started to rethink my attitude.

But fuck it. Negativity and sarcasm is what I do best. It's, dare I say, part of my charm. Rofl.

I must note here that I do have a positive outlook on life, however. I believe in love. I believe you can achieve things through working hard. I believe that happiness is a choice. But, I believe, scratch that, I know there's a lot of bs in the world and there's no sense in ignoring it. Especially if you can get a laugh out of addressing it.

Long story short, (PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE TO READ CAN SKIP TO HERE!) expect to see some unfiltered personal posts mixed in with the usual spotlights and feature stories.

...Basically nothing has changed.

God, I'm long winded.

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My week in away messages.

I cannot continue to take classes with these fools. smh.

Um... I hate when people say FML and their story isn't even funny. YDI for being so lame!
::Break -- Three Days Grace::

Going to navigate Prospect Park today. Here's hoping I don't get lost! Rofl.
::Here We Go Again -- Demi Lovato::

Out!! [Club name] tonight with the homegirl R. Mixing it up with the hood chicks for the sake of my other homegirl's bday.
Grown and sexy! Yes I'm 21 & I don't know how to act.
If you're reading this right now you need to just get an effing Blackberry already so we can bbm. AIM is sooooo lame. :P
Over & out! && tipsy!

Sleeeeeeeeeep. :)

"We settle for far too much in this life... love should absolutely, positively, without a doubt NOT be one of those things"
::New Perspective -- Panic at the Disco::

heart always,


PS: I totally jacked the quote in the last one from some one's blog. Don't kill me!

Sick Ass Choreography Sunday!!!

I've been silently skipping over the past few Sick Ass Choreography Sundays because I've been on a mission to find newer, cooler, videos for your viewing pleasure. And you can't imagine the amount of shit I need to weed through. :x

So in the meantime, check out this kid.

WHAT?? And you though you accomplished things in life. Lol.

heart always,


Am I the only one...

...who eternally confuses The Fray with OneRepublic?

Anywho, I'm really digging this song that's not by The Fray. ^_^

The video just solidifies my biggest, though quite impossible, wish of being in a period piece.

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Alife sample sale

Alife's cleaning out stock. Save 50-80%!

Dates: October 22-November 1
Times: 11:00 AM - 7 PM everyday
Location: 359 Lafayette St. between Bond & Bleeker Streets

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it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep 'cause everything is never as it seems

Things that make me happy.

Adorable cupcakes.

The waxy smell that fills the room after blowing out candles.

Making funny faces at random children.

That really, really, good sleep you get after a night of drinking.

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Save on Kate Spade sale items

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Prada and Miu Miu Sample Sale!

Prada and Miu Miu present their RTW, shoes, handbags, and wallets at crazy steep discounts.

Dates: From now until October 23rd.

Hours: Saturday & Sunday - 9:00 AM - 6 PM, Monday - Friday - 10 AM - 7 PM

Location: 609 W. 51st St between 11th and 12th Aves

Credit cards only.

That's two in a row. Don't say I never do anything for ya. ;)

heart always,


Lohan does Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro decided to throw a curveball the season by hiring famed starlet Lindsay Lohan as "artistic director". When I first heard this, I took it with a grain of salt figuring it was just the usual let's tag a celebrity name to our clothing bit. But by the looks of it, Lohan's misguided hands were all over this project.

The show opened with a hot pink bandage number that showed a little promise. But as the show went on, look after dissapointing look trotted down the runway. The pieces were terribly uninspired and, I hate to say it, just tacky. The heart motif felt random and forced as well.

However, we can't blame Lindsay entirely as I'm sure most critics would like to. She was only part of a team which included another face new to Ungaro, relatively unknown Spanish designer Estrella Archs. I applaud Ungaro's efforts on obtaining a fresh perspective but really, where was the supervision?

Maybe as with previous designer Esteban Cortazar it will take three solid seasons for this new duo to really hit the mark. Here's hoping the audience sticks around to see it.

[Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2010 RTW]

heart always,


The Stores Less Visited

You know when you stop by a store you've never heard of before, find something you love, and go all, "omg, thank God I did exactly what I did today or else I never would've found this!!!111"?

Okay, so that was super specific but you know what I mean.

Well today I had the minor epiphany of: couldn't that apply to stores that we purposely avoid as well? Not the stores of poor taste ::coughAmericanApparelcough:: but the corny stores you know you wouldn't find anything of interest in. Isn't there a small possibility that somewhere in those racks of graphic tees and polyester blend twin sets there might just be one dimly glittering gem?

As an experiment to just that, I thoroughly browsed the stock at Target, Kohl's, JC Penny, and even Sears. ::le gasp!:: Via their websites of course. You didn't actually think I visited those places, did you?? Below is the expectedly short, but sweet list of items worthy of our attention.

Heart & Soul
Rouched Pencil Skirt

@ Kohls


You really can't go wrong will a good fitting pencil skirt. The cute contrasted bow detail gives it just a touch of sweetness.

Tiered Floral Strapless Dress

@ Kohl's


It could do for a better pattern but I like the shape. If you're anything like me, you'd pair this with some funky booties and an understated clutch for a night out with the girls.

Anna Sui for Target
Herringbone Dress

@ Target

So, I didn't do a feature about Anna Sui's Gossip Girl inspired line because I thought it was a little over hyped. But giving it a second look, the stuff is cute if you have to shop at Target. This look fits Blair to a T which makes me a fan.

Anna Sui for Target
Seersucker Dress w/ Lace

@ Target


So it looks like the price ceiling for Junior's dresses at Target is $60. Lol. Another Blair inspired piece. Cute but this wouldn't fit girls with a grown up body. Where would you put your hips?

Anna Sui for Target
Bib Tee Shirt
@ Target
Okay, hold the phone. There's something just so cute, and dare I say, sexy about this tee shirt. The reviews say it's kind of see through... Luckily, that's just how I like it. ^_^

Not surprisingly, I did not find one thing at JC Penny or Sears. And to think the former had the nerve to take over the Manhattan Mall. Hmph!

Coming soon, I'll check out what's been good with Miss Sixty and round up what's hot at the mall so you don't have to.

<3 always,


PS: Dear Blogger, we speak again. I don't know what kind of minions you have running around in search of malicious comments aimed towards your editing system but it appears that you have submitted to my demands fixed some common problems. Or maybe there was a learning curve involved that I just unknowingly learned. Either way, things are running much more smoothly. Many unexplained line breaks still appear when I embed pictures, but it's easier to fix now. Keep it up you faceless team of webmasters, you. Keep it up.

[Images via here && here.]

What happens when your Saturday night is a flop...

So a friend mine linked me to this Youtube video via AIM claiming that it is hilarious. Her away message? Watch this if you're drunk. Coincidentally, I too was having a nice nightcap (obvi the nice drink before bed not the thinly veiled line to get someone to spend the night) and was inclined to watch the video. It was, in fact, hilarious.

"I'm her mom!"
"No she's not." ROFLMFAO.

No more silly posts from now on. Scout's honor.

heart always,


I heart new shit.

It's Britney, bitch.

3 - Britney Spears

I heard this while on my way to die a silent death class and was all "this wasn't on the album! ::freakout::"

As a die hard I-was-with-her-from-the-beginning Britney fan I have to say this song is just okay. It reminds me of something from her last album that would have only made the European version.

But still, it's new Britney! It's on rotation on Z100 now and will be available on her upcoming Singles Collection.

heart always,


Nachos, anyone?

So eff Reggie Bush and his Kardashin banging ass, I have a new crush. ^_^

Ignacio (Nacho) Figueras is a polo superstar who is so fine he models for Polo Ralph Lauren on the side. Yeaaauuup!

I've been missing out because I just found out about him when he stopped by the Oprah show a few weeks ago. Check out the clip from :24-:54 where he talks about buying his wife an engagement ring.

How adorable is he?? ::sigh::
Visit his site here. [source.source.source via Google images]
heart always,

Love Bites.

At night they put on bright lipstick and go out...
...racing down Sunset Blvd to parties...
...in the hills paparazzi wait at every corner
but no one knows their secret...
"Boys will come and go"
the girls say
"But vampires are forever"
[White Fox Couture Fall 2009]
Specializing in the epitome of laid back, quintessential California girl culture, Wild Fox Couture is a collection of ultra comfy knitwear. I've always been a huge fan of their campaigns. I would totally party with these girls.
heart always,

Sick Ass Choreography Sundays!!

So this guy, Bobby Newberry (seen in the front in the white tank top), was a good 50% of the reason I wanted to move to LA last summer. I mean is he fierce or what?? And I never use that word. He currently works at the EDGE center in Hollywood and his credits are crazy extensive. There will definitely be more picks from him in the future, his stuff is just THAT good.

Visit his Myspace here.

heart always,


The Search For...

the perfect school bag. Never mind it's already October and never mind I never bring my books to school anyway. I need a new bag for school. I've been trolling my favorite websites and have narrowed down my options to these chosen few.

Juicy Couture "Downtown It Girl Rule Breaker Leather Tote"

Yay for Juicy Couture that doesn't look like Juicy Couture! They make some decent stuff when they're not marketing towards middle school girls with a highly disposable allowance.
Pros: It doesn't look like Juicy Couture. Rofl. Real distressed leather and lots of compartments
Cons: It looks pretty narrow. How much can I really get in there? Like a folder or two?

Melie Bianco "School Boy Tote"

I found this after a little digging on Piperlime. It's a little Kate Spade-esque, no?
Pros: I'm digging the masculine feel and how it just looks like it's meant to carry school supplies. Also there's a nice 8.5 strap drop which means I can comfortably throw it over my shoulder. My books are way too heavy to have to deal with carrying my bag in the crook of my elbow like it's a hollow Speedy.
Cons: It's faux leather. Here's hoping it doesn't look super cheap in real life. ::crosses fingers::

L.A.M.B. "Dorset Lambert Tote"

So, I've never been completely down with the LAMB line because I felt Gwen had a lot of nerve charging so much for her stuff right out the gate. Chanel you are not. I mean her price point rivals that of select LV bags. And she's so serious. However, this bag is sleek and sexy so I have to admit I'm a fan.
Pros: The wide base allows room for a ton of stuff without looking huge from the outside. Optional shoulder strap, although I'd probably never use it.
Cons: $500? There's just no way. I'd cop it if it went on sale for $300, though.

L.A.M.B. "Darjeeling Henna Jaipur Tote"

Yeah, it's another LAMB bag, sue me. I have a soft spot for anything graphic which fortunately stops yards away from anything Ed Hardy.
Pros: It looks like it has a wide base and stiff piping so it can stand on its own. I'm very particular on how my stuff lays so that's a huge plus.
Cons: $400 for a canvas bag is asking a lot. Plus it's an open top. Can a homegirl get a zipper? A strap?? Something!

Longchamp "Le Pliage Large Nylon Tote"

The good ole standby. I never got the fascination for these Longchamp totes; every girl in the city from the 16 year old prep schooler to the 27 year old professional seems to have at least one. Usually two as they come in so many different colors. But they hold a lot of shit so you have to at least give them that.
Pros: Decent color choices. The nylon seems like that durable stuff where you can easily wipe off a weeks worth of subway grime with a wet cloth.

Cons: I mean, there's nothing necessarily wrong with it, it just would never be my first choice.

By the end of this, I kind of settled on the school boy tote by Melie Bianco. For some reason my thoughts keep going back to it so that must be a sign. Plus, there's free return shipping. :P
Next up, my search for the perfect over-the-knee boot!

<3  always,

PS: Dear Blogger, wtfux is up with your editor? It double spaces when no one asked it to and creates unnatural line breaks. Add more than one picture and the thing goes wonky. And speaking of which, why can't you insert the picture where my cursor is? Why does it have to go to the top of the post? Even AOL can handle that. Work on this. Kthanx.

[Images via here && here.]

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