Uno.  Snow is so much prettier to look at than to be in.

Due. Watermelons are really big fruits. Like, it's legitimately intimidating.

Tre.  Is it obsessive behavior to fantasize about someone you've only met once?

Quattro.  Do you think infants cry when they're in the womb and we just don't hear it?

Cinque:  Meh.  Alexa Chung is so lame.

Sei: The only time it is appropriate to use the term "classy" is when you're trying to emphasize how something is not.


[Image via We Heart It]

4 Response to "Microbloggin'"

  1. JUST ME says:

    I don't get the whole Alexa Chung thing...she's really not entertaining in the LEAST

    I haven't seen her yet actually, good to know she sucks.

    naw I don't think they cry when they're in a uterus. They're stuck in water and goo hahaha. and yeah snow looks nice if it's not dirty snow on the sidewalk! totally agree with you on the Kim kardashian perfume, if it'll score me a football player that makes $$$$$$$ sure I'd buy it LOL

    tee says:

    Just me, I could find more fascinating things in a paper bag to be completely honest.

    Mr. Condescending, yes she does. HARD!

    Pop Champagne, fab username btw. If they could that would be a great party trick to hold on to. Crying underwater. If that could progress to singing underwater I would be mucho impressed.

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