Weekend inspiration: A little Polyvore...

...for that ass.


Military Strapless Dress by Love via Topshop
Knitted Stud Shoulder Cardigan via Topshop
Carvela Amanda Straped Heeled Sandals via Asos 
Floral Cross Body Clutch Bag via Topshop 
Crystalised Ring via Modcloth
Paula Bianco 'Romantic Embellishment' Blush Pink Chiffon With Crystal Detail via Asos.

Do you procrastinate on life making sets, too?  Email me a link and I'll feature you. ...Probably.  ...Maybe.  ...If it doesn't suck.  ^_^

Happy Asian smiles,

to be completely consumed by it
to not have room to want anyone else
anything else
to be at the mercy of someone else
to think you know everything but still be surprised by
the hoarseness of an exclamation
the swiftness of a movement
the never wavering anticipation
to be half of the only warm thing in a cold room
heart racing while lying still
to match your breathing to that of another
inhale, exhale, sigh, inhale
to feel your body light up to the touch
lips on lips, skin on skin, skin on lips, lips on skin
to hold your mouth open and have it gently closed
to press your mouth close and have it gently parted
to spend an entire weekend indoors 
doing nothing but holding, touching, feeling
a warm hand cupped on a cheek
a rough palm against a lower back
a warm whisper gracing a collarbone
to look at him 
and see everything
you didn't even know you could see

The one in which I'm slightly hypocritical...

I'm usually turned off when some bloggers blog about how other blogs aren't interesting because, seriously, who died and made you pretty pretty princess of all things that are interesting and blog worthy? Certainly not me.  And I know what's interesting.  And it's definitely not a photo diary of how well you match Forever 21 with more Forever 21, or a detailed account of what you needlepointed last and are now peddling on Etsy, or pictures of you at a vegan restaurant wearing Ray Bans and telling me how flipping awesome your life is, so awesome in fact you have hours of time each day allotted to tell me just how awesome your life is.  Certainly none of that.

But, BUT I don't point one finger at you with three pointed back to me because, who the fuck knows, maybe there are fashion challenged twenty-somethings, craft happy moms, and shower fearing hipsters who are living their lives vicariously through those blogs.  Ya never know. 

However today while I was e-window shopping, scrolling through Google Reader, working, I came across this in a minimal effort required, these are pictures I find inspiring!, blog. 


I think that's spit, y'all. 

Who THE FUCK thought, hmm, this is interesting enough to pass on!  My followers will think this is just as marginally cool as my other photos!

I'm offended that someone would think I would not be offended by this.  I may be Britney Spears biggest fan and I may always laugh when someone trips and/or falls because I am that easily amused, but I am not that easily placated.  Hmph.

Oh, hey you. Yes you. At the computer.

Wanna completely waste two valuable hours of your life that you'll never ever get back (like your mom's elasticity)?

Watch I Know Who Killed Me.

You're welcome.

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