And in closing...

I heard this pretty epic mashup on the radio the other day and almost had a cow when I was able to find it on Youtube:

Tres impressive.  Learn more about DJ Earworm here.

3 Response to "And in closing..."

  1. This mashup is incredible. Holy talent.

    Ok I totally need to do a review on the DVD. It's really cheap on Amazon too. Wanna be my buddy??!!

    yiqin; says:

    Wow, nice!!

    tee says:

    Isn't it? There's a free download on his site, to. Get to it.

    Elizabeth, of course! But I have a confession; I haven't turned on that DVD for, like, 4 consecutive days. BUT before then I was going so hard, like Rihanna post-Chris. You couldn't tell me a thing.

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