10 Points for Girl Power: Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha join B. Spears for a Smash Remix

So my Tumblr dashboard was in a tizzy last week over the release of Till the World Ends (Remix) featuring Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha.  And for good reason; any pop fan would have to agree, the song goes hard.

The stand out here is definitely the ultra-slick dubstep beat that offers such a good compliment to the track that you start to wonder why this wasn't the original version.  And I'll throw Nicki a bone, her line "And I ain't talking poultry when I say that chick is fried" at :23 got a chuckle out of me; that hoe is silly as hell.

While Ke-dollar sign-ha's funky rendition of the chorus was cute, I would of love to hear an actual addition to the track by her.  The breakdown leading to the bridge at 3:40 was just begging for some Sleazy-esque fast talking like only she can do best.

Other than that the track speaks for itself.  It has a groove that's undeniable and if you're anything like me you'll have it on repeat before you know it.

Around the Blog-o-verse: Laurie-Ann Gibson stops by Bitchie Life

The woman who brought you "boom-kak!" and brings dance rookies to tears, LaurieAnn Gibson, recently dropped by Bitchie Life for an exclusive interview and photo shoot.  In it she discusses everything from her old projects to her new projects to how hard the grind can really get.

Although a little all over the place, Gibson gives me life going into the details of running the business that is her life.   Raw and real, Lady Gaga's choreographer-in-chief closes the interview giving some some sage advice to bright-eyed, show biz newbies:
...even if you have overnight success like some of my groups [like Danity Kane], you get thrown into a business that’s about profit and then people attach themselves to your gift and they put you on the hype train. They gas your ego up. You drink the Kool-aid, you will choke. Don’t be so quick to want to make it overnight or want to be in that place of worldly status because there is always a glitch in the matrix and you have to be built to be number one or you’ll slip. Danity Kane got to number one and they didn’t spend enough time being humble or doing the work so when they got in the ring, and they got beat. Now they have to start all over again. Overnight success and short cuts draw blood. There are no short cuts because even when you think you’ve made it or the world says you’ve made it, there is still more work to do. Making it, is getting up every day and fighting to remain humble, grateful and to find a bigger purpose or another level to why you are who you are. It’s not over until He calls you home and that’s when you’ve made it.
#word.  For the complete interview and more shots from the exclusive photo shoot visit the Bitchie Life page @ Necole Bitchie.

And So Yeah, That Happened: Rutgersfest Is No More

You just can't give some people free shit, I tell you.

Rutgersfest, NJ's Rutgers University's annual music festival has officially been canceled indefinitely.  After a more rowdy than normal event this year Richard McCormick, president of Rutgers University, sent out a school-wide email earlier today disclosing that the event had to come to an end because it has become far too dangerous.
"The safety of our university community, and that of our neighbors, is paramount, and we cannot risk further danger or the possible loss of life. The problems that occur following Rutgersfest have grown beyond our capacity to manage them, and the only responsible course of action is to cancel the event," McCormick wrote.
Well damn.  Sad faces all around.  As someone who grew up right around the corner from Rutgers' main campus in New Brunswick, NJ and has had dozens of friends attend the school, this is some of the worst news I've heard all day. Rutgersfest, which attracts about 40,000+ attendants yearly, is something just about everyone in the community looks forward to every year.  The headliners are always quality acts (previous performers include The Roots, NERD, Motion City Soundtrack), the timing is great (the festival is always towards the end of the school year), and it is completely free to attend.  Free!

But herein lies the problem.  As disappointed as I was to hear the news I can't say I was surprised; every year Rutgersfest plays with fire.  The whole thing is a recipe for disaster.  Not only is the event free but anyone can attend.  The concert attracts people from all over and all walks of life; college students, alumni, guests, even high school students.  And those who have experienced Rutgersfest know that the entire day is treated as an all day, opt-in riot.  Drinking starts at 9 AM, jello shots are considered breakfast, and the night is not over unless you've gotten caught up in a fight and have fallen asleep fully clothed on a stranger's couch.  It's the stuff that college dreams are made of.

With the day becoming increasingly violent as the years have passed, Rutgersfest was due for a cancellation.  But I also have no doubt that it will be back eventually.  Colleges around the country have annual concerts all the time; it's not the concert that's the problem.  It's the uncontrollable crowds that roam the streets afterwards.  Rutgers University's Public Safety team and New Brunswick's Police Department need to take a crash course in crowd control because it's their lax enforcement that allows the problems to arise to begin with.  To be perfectly honest, a regular Friday night on the streets of New Brunswick are alarmingly rowdy as it is.   Add tens of thousands of additional people to the mix and there are going to be some problems.  So until the aforementioned teams can step their game up there will always be the danger of groups of kids eager to let out some steam and start some trouble.  


The Unpopular Opinion: Why Brit Brit's Feature on S&M (da remix) Was Not a Complete Flop

Ok, show of hands, who was pretty excited about the S&M Remix featuring our girl Britney Spears?   Now how many of you were as excited after hearing it?  Ok... a lot fewer of you.  And I feel you on that.  But hear me out...

Overlooking Rihanna's annoyingly sharp and repetitive opening of how much she "likes it, likes it", the remix does not differ from the original for the first half of the song.  Rihanna gives off the impression that she can hold a note by moaning her way through the first 2 minutes and some change before handing it off to Britney.  And it's all downhill from there.

But here's where I have I have to give my 2 cents.  Firstly, why did we (the public that was excited for the union) hype the track up like it was going to be the duet of the century?  As much of a fan as I am of both of them, we all know that they're both mediocre singers at best.  Rihanna, specifically, has a tone that consistently treads dangerously close to being off key.  (Did we already forget the annoyance they called "Unfaithful"?)  So what do you get when you add a semi-decent singer, that would be Britney, on a sub-par singer's track?  Even worse singing.  Top it off with layers of unnecessary auto-tune most likely used to mimic Rihanna's pitchy vocal flips and you have a hot mess.

IMHO, the S&M remix was created purely to garner some hype for Rihanna while dissing Britney's musical prowess.  Asking Brit Brit to feature on the song was media sabotage.   I mean they are competition to each other after all.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but at the end of the day it is Rihanna's song so her camp has the last say on how it sounds.  And if you can make Ms Fenty sound like she's a power vocalist, there's some real fuckery going on.  Period.

Now, I have to hear what you all think of this one:

Are you a fan of the remix?

The Round Up - Darling Looks by ModCloth

I'm pretty sure spring will finally arrive once you step out in this little number.
One word: rawr.
For the gal who wants to stand out in a crowd.
The skirt is sexy.  No further comments.
I'm the Swan Queen!
Because anything nautical is always chic.
Cocktails anyone?
When you want to be girly with a touch of edge, some dark stripes will always do.

Like them?  Love them?  Tell me in the comments!

On the Radar: The Flip Video Faces Extinction

It's every shopper's second most dreaded word in the world of commerce (the first being "back-ordered", duh), discontinued.  Cisco's cool little device, the Flip Video, is set to be discontinued after just two years on the market.  The slim and user friendly device that boasts specs such as HD 720p resolution capabilities and 8 GB of memory, just wasn't meeting Cisco's bottom line; the Flip has only sold approximately 2 million units since it's release.

With a flip out USB interface for fool proof uploading as its gimmick, it's understandable how the Flip Video flew on past the prototype phase.  But the audience just isn't there.  Think about it, who's really videotaping shit that often who isn't into the webcam thing or, you know, already owns a real camcorder?   Not to mention, while super cute, there just isn't anymore room for yet another device that does something that's already being covered by another gadget you own.  In a world where smartphones do just about everything short of filling in your chipped manicure, devices that only do one thing are almost laughable and nearly always disposable.  Plus, between my Blackberry, Nook e-Reader, Itouch, and Lumix camera, my faux-leather studded carry-all is no longer accepting entries for the stuff you will most likely not use today yet will carry anyway position.  No mas, papi, no mas.

IMHO, deading the Flip was a smart move for Cisco which is better known for their superior networking services (high tech routers and video conferencing, anyone?)  Anyway, if you can make room for another gadget you'll eventually have to troubleshoot (technology, man) expect some discounts on the Flip Video as retailers try to get rid of the stragglers hiding in the back stock room.  Consider this your heads up. And you're welcome.  ;)

Sources: here && here

Wishlist Worthy: The Sage by Rock & Republic

I spy with my little eye some crazy hot pumps.  On sale now at Piperlime.com!

Out of This World: Katy Perry is Not On Our Level

Or at least that's what she wants us to think.  In her new video for her latest single E.T. featuring Kanye West, our favorite sorority girl takes her lyrics very seriously taking us on a 5 minute journey in outer space.

I mean... I guess.

I didn't at all mind the intro with Yeezy floating about in a futuristic space ball or even the first minute of Katy writhing in mid-air.  They paid a lot for the art direction in the video so dammit, they're going to show you some meaningless imagery!  I did mind the fact that Katy continued to bounce around from planet to planet for more than half the video.  Halfway through the second verse it was like, oh so they're just going to wait until the bridge before something pops off, huh?  Oh ok.   -_-

Finally, Katy arrives at what seems to be the Land that Radio Shack Forgot, resurrects the MTV Moonman, throws on some sponsored stunna shades, and walks off into the sunset.

Personally, as a fan of the song, the video left me feeling like I sat through a whole bunch of nothing for the most part.  Whatever Katy was selling just then, I'm not buying.

Plus, it's all too clear that Perry's team was biting off of heavily inspired by Lady Godga's Born This Way video; except hers was successfully much more disturbing and actually had a point.  Katy seemed awkward and out of place in what was supposed to be an eerie video.  She would've been much better suited playing a sexy, ethereal being seeking some human loving.

Eh.  I give this video 2 (out of 5) Katy-cats.

So what do you think of the video?  Flop or not?

Rants and Raves: Blogspot Upgrades

Just days after I put poured my blood, sweat, and glitter Ke$ha style into creating a new layout, Blogger comes out with this doozy.

Wanna check out your blog's new view?  Provided it's a .blogspot just type in http://yourblognamehere.blogspot.com/view.  There are five sleek layouts to choose from.  Check mine out here.

Look at me now, ayeee!

Shoutout to Fashion by He for the heads up!

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