...there’s nothing like a first blog entry. I’ve recently discovered I’m really into starting things but not so much finishing them so let’s just see how long this one will last. Welcome to the Luxe Little Things blog, my little side project for compiling all the stuff in life that inspires me and that I find rather interesting. Fashion, music, books, movies, news, &etc. And oh of course, a blog wouldn’t be a blog without a few rants and random musings sprinkled in.

Speaking of which… Last Friday was my highly anticipated last day of a temp assignment I had at a company that develops starches. Yes, you read that correctly; the company is in the business of making STARCHES. Over 100 different kinds to be exact. Anywho, I was upgraded from a cubicle to an office after a computer issue but it wasn’t as satisfying as I imagined a small promotion within a department to be. The office I was assigned to was freezing, for one, and it was on a hallway with crazy foot traffic and floor to ceiling windows which made me feel like I constantly had to look busy. The only advantage was that it was a few feet from the coffee bar where all the employees went to escape work until they felt they had been unproductive for long enough. I learned a lot sitting in that office pretending to work: who was working late and for how long. Who had kids, who didn’t, and who was about to. Regarding the latter, at one point two employees started talking and it went it little something like this, ::scratches record::

Guy A: So what’s up, what’s going on?
Guy B: Nothing, man. I’m about to have my kid. She’s due in a few days.
Guy A: Oh wow. So, was it planned?

LMFAO. So I’m thinking is this guy a jerk or just hilarious? And how do you answer that? Nah, man you know shit happens. Just gotta man up. While I was running various hysterical outcomes in my head, I caught the guy’s actual response:

Guy B: Yeah. You know the baby’s in a breach position. They’ll have to do an emergency delivery.

They were talking about the delivery. Was the delivery planned, was the question. WOW. Me and my imagination. ::smh::

...Yerp. That's about all I have to say for today. Later, bitches!

Oh, btw, I’m terrible with conclusions. (Clearly.)

Love always,
~ tee

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