Really, guys?

Check my archives list.  I've only posted twice in the whole month of August.  Twice.  And not one of you has inquired as to why.  No, "zomg, what happened to you?" or "wth, are you alive?".  Where is the support, ya'll?

See the thing is, I'm poor.  Not poor like homeless, wait in line at the soup kitchen poor.  But poor like I live in NYC where you can never make enough money and thus I constantly have to make decisions like groceries for a week or dinner at my favorite restaurant?  Paying that parking ticket or getting a mani pedi?  Getting internet access for the crib or getting a gym membership for my ass?  If you chose choice B for all these, you would be me.  I mean have you seen my ass?? 

Long story short, I don't have internet at the homefront which is conveniently where I find all my inspiration.  ::sarcasm::  I do, however, have a ton of drafted blog posts saved to my laptop that I will one day post (at work.  shhhhhh!) when I finally decide to buy a new flash drive rather than the latest issue of Nylon and a bag of gummy bears.  When exactly that will be, I have no idea.  'Cause I fucking love gummy bears.

In the meantime, I have a plan.  I want my blog to be super fucking successful.  Like the Hannah Montana marketing department.  I want to have bitches on my dick like Obama.  And I've noticed that all the cool kids have a FAQ page on their blog.  So your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to ask me some motherfucking questions.  And I'll pretend I get asked that shit all the time, hence the term "frequently", answer them, and I will be one step closer the being the super sparkly princess of the blog world as I should be.  Choose wisely, bitches.

Seriously, leave some questions.  Bonus points for the ones that make me go, wtf. 

Your future favorite blogger,


If You See Something... Episode OO1

Here in the NYC there are lots of little campaigns to convince us to do shit we wouldn't always be game to do.  They usually involve kitchy slogans or novelty items.  Like, oh hey, safe sex is awesome take these free condoms!  And... well wait, I can't think of any other examples before getting into what this post is about so fuck it, I'm going in.

In terms of terrorists and subsequently terrorist attacks, the gov likes to tell us to be alert! I mean don't freak out but, be alert!  And they do so by using the slogan "If see something, say something".  As in, if you see something suspicious, like an unattended package, you better tell someone before Time Square gets blown the fuck up.

My friends and I like to think that slogan applies to life in general.  For example if you see a homeless guy rolling down Broadway in an office chair (last week), or homeless couple with enough recyclables to fill up an entire car on the 3 train (last weekend), or anything else that kinda sad yet kinda awesomely funny.  You should let someone know.  'Cause sharing is caring, folks. 

So when I was on the Yahoo homepage this morning and saw this, I knew I had to start a series:


Clearly someone doesn't use Adsense. 

Wth, Yahoo?  Here I am washing down some low fat granola with some no taste water researching ways to catch a case of the skinnies when you lure me in with magic sparkle promises of how to not eat an entire box of Nutter Butters in one sitting even though I totally didn't eat anything else that day and it's kind of justified but yeah, not really, and then you distract me with a GIANT AD FOR RED VELVET CUPCAKES?!

I trusted you, Yahoo.  More importantly, I stood by you.  I still have a Yahoo account even though you constantly allow Nigerian ambassadors to solicit me for funds and enter me into UK lotteries without my knowledge.  It's going to take a whole lot of free shit time for you to be on my good side again.  Hmph.

Gmail for life,


PS: If you see something weird/crazy/hilarious please send it in!  Hit up luxelittlethings (at) gmail (dot) com.

Slub V Neck Tee -
Tapeyarn Crotchet Circle Vest -
Miso Mini Pastel Floral Skirt -
Caravelle leopard-print sandals -
Jane mixed bangle set -
Wings With Love Ring -
Eiffel Tower Cluster Pendant Necklace -

Man, I can't wait until I have hundreds of loyal followers where all I have to post is "have a good weekend, ya'll" and then get dozens of comments that are all "zomg this blog is the best!!!11".  That's the life.

In other news, shout out to the cab driver who told me I should be ashamed of myself for tipping him $1 for a $5.00 cab ride.  THAT'S A 20% TIP, JACKASS.  You should be ashamed of yourself for not knowing basic math.  Then again you are stuck driving a cab for a living.

Also?  Fuck you & your mom.

...Obviously I meant the cab driver not you guys.  I love you guys.  Who else would read this shit??

Later days,

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