if you driving it, I drove it / if you got it, I sold it

Unfortunately in the fashion world, biting is an inevitability.  While I can't stand blatant fakes (you, with the fake speedy!  I see you! Real Louie's don't lean like that!!) less expensive takes on designer duds are kind of how the majority of us get by (see: Zara && Forever21).  However, this is inexcusable as far as I'm concerned.

Evening gown by Zuhair Murad

Forever Unique Scalloped Hem Bandeau Dress

The original is farrrrr too unique to just be cut and sewed like that!  Idk, this just doesn't sit well with me...


[Images via here && here]

paper bags and plastic hearts / are belongings in shopping carts

I've been eyeing these shoes for a while:

But they just won't go on sale.  a;lkjdad.  I know I'm the only one willing to wear plastic shoes for crying out loud, so what's the hold up?  Srsly.

[Images via Karmaloop]

Missed Connections - w4w

Have you ever just seen yourself in someone else?  Not a relative or a friend; that's too easy.  But a complete stranger?

Despite showing up a few minutes early to an open call, I was evidently late.  The room was packed with eager hopefuls, potential oozing out the door.  I had just found a coveted spot against the wall to fill out the routine contact sheet when I noticed her.  Head down, in ill fitting clothes, she sat on a chair beside me.  Her headshot was a bad studio portrait and her resume was sparse.  She was scribbling a lengthy note in pencil on the back of the contact sheet; no doubt a bio or a promise of potential.  Her nervous energy bounced all around her like electrons on an unstable atom, none of which able to escape its chaotic orbit.  She would never look up to converse like the rest of us, exchanging "don't I know you from"s and "have you ever heard back from"s but I wished her luck nevertheless.

After her turn, she left in a hurry leaving a trail of disappointment in her wake.  It was then I realized, she was me three years ago.  Eager with a dream but no idea how to obtain it.  Even more eager to be hard on herself.  I wanted to tell her that the beginning is the hardest because you don't know how to deal.  That 90% of the people in this town fake it until they make it.  That success is only relative.

The crazy thing is, for my audition I was the most confident I had been yet.  It was the first time I truly believed that if I didn't receive a call back it wasn't because I wasn't good enough.  Times like these make me feel like life is one giant Libra-esque scale.  One can only be happy if another, somewhere, is sad.  Or confident when another is shy.

Sometimes I imagine if I see my old self in others then someone else, somewhere, is seeing their old self in me.  I imagine she's gorgeous, confident, and accomplished with a sweet ass loft with great views and a covered parking space.

I mean, a girl can dream, right?

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I know I've been blogging like a fiend lately, but two things:

1: Imeem is dead?  No, scratch that, Imeem is worse than dead; it merged with Myspace??  What... who uses that shit anymore??

2. Erm, "real time results"?  Seriously, Google.  People's tweets are far from accurate answers to my queries.*

I mean seriously.

*So there def was supposed be a screenshot to support my second point.  But now, the real time results things is no where to be found.  But believe you me, when that shit shows up again I'm editing this post.  Unbelievable.**
**Kay, so evidently it's like some kind of widget you have to add to your browser.  Mind you, I found out about this nonsense using a computer at school.  So it exists, just not on my shit.  :)

Missed Connections - w4m

Not so much a Missed Connection as one of those oddly intimate encounters you have with a stranger.

My car had a flat.  I did not panic but my heart did a little pirouette at the thought of finally putting my money to good use; I could now call AAA.  I waited the obligatory 45 mins to an hour for help.  As I gazed through my condensation filled windows at the blurry headlights and hurried pedestrians, I wondered why it always takes about an hour for everything.  Help.  Delivered pizzas.  An unknown number tells me that help is a few blocks away in a silver pick up truck.  My hero drives a Ford.

He told me he refused to change a tire in such a narrow street.  His joke was lost on me as I replied "At least see if my tire just needs more air."  I stood in the rain shortly answering his questions regarding my non-existent husband/boyfriend and why he could come change my tire.  "You can sit in the car, you know.  You don't have to stand out here with me."  Slightly embarrassed, I slid into the drivers seat. 

The car shuddered, rose, and fell as if it were tripping on some crazy hydrolics.  I felt for my car and all the bullying it had to endure.  He came to me to ask if I had the special piece for my tire.  The special what?  I stared at him blankly.  Clueless girl is a role I hate to play, but I know less than nothing about cars.  Amused yet not surprised by my lack of knowledge, he laughed and asked for the car's manual.  He awkwardly bent over and ducked his head into my car to shield at least that bit of him from the dreary rain.  I caught myself almost inviting him in but as I curled my numb toes I realized how awkwardly close we would be; he was a big man.  "You can turn the car on if you're cold" he said breaking my train of thought exactly at the moment I realized I was freezing.  The economist in me wouldn't let me do it, it would be a colossal waste of gas.

He perused the manual further then looked up at me.

"Stop looking so nervous."  said he.

"I'm not nervous!" I snapped, snatching the fingernails I had been biting away from my mouth. 

"See the piece that you're missing, I have.  But I'm not supposed to use it, contract shit.  The last time I did, I got in trouble."  He laughs.  "So it's up to you.  I can do it or I'll have to call a tow truck to take you to a shop where they're supposed to do it."

"You... what?" I replied, hopelessly confused.

He sighed and patiently broke it down to me.  I chimed in and shrugged off the things he mentioned that were obvious and that I knew already.  He painstakingly explained things I would never get normally.  Very in tune we strangers were.

"Well, I guess I'll wait for a tow truck then," I decided.

He gave me a look filled with frustration, bewilderment, and again, a hint of amusement.  "But it'll cost the same thing," he countered.  

"Yeah, but I might as well follow the rules."

Defeated, he shut my door and went back to work.  I sat in confusion as to what would happen next, trying to catch bits of his push-to-talk conversations as the car continued to shake, rattle, and roll in response to the work being done.

"You're all done," he told me 20 mins later.  

"Thanks," I mumbled as I wondered; did he just change my tire after I told him not to?  As if he knew what was better for me and just did it??

After taking a few steps away from my car he came back to add "and don't forget to take off your emergency break."  Something I've forgotten to do one too many times.

The situation was odd.  Odd enough to dedicate a post to.  I feel like... in another life we would've been together.  And he would have been good for me.  At least for a while. 

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Sick Ass Choreography Sundays!!!

I usually like to feature little know choreographers because they're usually the ones making the hottest shit.  But after seeing this on So You Think You Can Dance, I had to feature it.


Don't you just hate it when...

...people who are supposed to help you, can't?  Like when you call customer service about your tempermental cell phone and the representative from Bangladesh* agrees that your phone is messed up and suggests you head to your nearest T-Mobile to get that shit checked out?  Or when you go to a store and the lady's all, are you looking for anything specific?  And you're all, yeah a [insert something incredibly simple here, like a little back dress].  And the sales lady is all, oh idk if we have that.  ??

I managed to find a dress for my homegirl's bashment.  It's a slinky number with rouching detail that hits just above the knee.  I had the perfect kind of shoe in mind to go along with it.  You know, a closed toe, T-strap, 4 inch pump, with a ruffle detail on the strap.  Like this:

or this:

or even this**:

Not only could I not find said shoe IRL while shopping today; no one knew what I was getting at either.  I mean, help a sister out, please.

Ah well, good ole slingback standbys it is then...

<3 always,


*Okay, I exaggerate.  I don't think T-Mobile outsources its customer service personelle.  I could care less anyway seeing as I have AT&T.  More bars in more places, bitches!
**Yeah, I know that one is technically a peep toe.  But, so what?  I would dead ass wear them tomorrow in this NYC winter.  And I dare you to look at me funny.  :P

[Images via here, here, && here]

Omg, stfu!

My itty-bitty blog was featured!  :)


Totes had no idea until I decided to investigate the inexplicable jump in traffic my blog experienced recently.  I'm flattered NJ.com, truly.

<3 always,


she loves shopping / but never trendy / a little Gucci / maybe Fendi

There are many things I am good at, but I am exceptional at wanting things.  I desire some things to the point that it's quite embarrassing to detail.  My current obsession?

On the train I daydream of re-reading classics and shamelessly divulging in trashy novels.  I gaze into my patent bowling bag and imagine how neatly it would fit in my purse, marvelously standing out in its hot pink Kate Spade case, begging to be opened and perused.

And to torture me even further, the Barnes & Noble Nook e-Reader currently isn't available until February 4th.  February!  My heart.

I want it.
I want it.
I want it.

<3 always,


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so go get your shovel / and we'll dig a deep hole / and bury the castle / and bury the castle...

Paramore fan 'til the end.  :)

Also, Hailey looks gorge as a blonde.  Who would've thought?

<3 always,


I love guidossss, I love guidos!

When I first heard about MTV's The Jersey Shore, I had no intentions on doing a commentary.  Because what is there really to say?  Stereotypical or not, these people truly exist; it's only way this show can exist.   And as a girl who grew up in New Jersey and now attends classes in Staten Island, the mecca of all things guido, I'm one of the few people who can attest to that. 

For what it's worth, I watched the premiere and I was glued to the TV for the full two hours.  Glued!  Thoroughly entertained doesn't even begin to cover it.  It was hilarious, ridiculous, and just plain fun.  What's more entertaining than watching a bunch of kids enjoy their youth?  That's what MTV was built on, after all.  Not music.  That was a marketing ploy.


This morning on the Hot 97's morning show (or maybe it was Power 105.1, they're like the same channel) Rosenburg (sp?) (also, see: token White boy) was all in his classic, I'm gonna sound like I agree with you but end with how I really feel, that you're wrong and let you ponder on that attitude, saying how he liked it but whined about how the show was offensive.  "How is it offensive if it's true?" The rest of that random ass radio show cast asks.  "Because it attributes negative connotations to a specific ethnic group.  If it were any other group portrayed that poorly, it wouldn't be okay."  Replies Rosenburg in not so many words.

Negative, my Jewish friend, negative.  Those shows do exist and evidently are okay.  In fact, they have their very own network.  Ever hear of BET?

Programs that show all African-American families are comprised of a crackhead mother and equally screwed up children?  Check.  Programs that show an African-American girl's true dream is to be a rapper's baby mother?  Check.  Programs that show African-Americans only listen to hip-hop and R&B?  Check.  Programs that show that once African-Americans get a little money they either go totally bougy, "act white", or both?  Check. **

People eat that shit up with no complaints.  How come you're not mad about that??

<3 always,

**Bonus tee appreciation points to whomever can name the shows I'm referring to!

PS: Lastly, (FTW!) I must point out that I believe 1 out of the 8 cast members was actually from NJ.  One!  All my life I've been trying to prove that people from NJ aren't really like that, rather it's the influx of people from Staten Island and Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge Brooklyn who clutter our shores every weekend.  Sooo, take that haters! 

[image via Google images]

For my last minute peeps


Macy's extra 25% off and free shipping ends tonight!  Promo code: MACYSFRIEND.  For those of you who have had that pricey item sitting on your wishlist forever, now's the time to scoop it up!

Meanwhile, I probably won't make the deadline, but I'm digging through the site for a not so boring black dress for my friend's "All Black Everything" affair.  Thanks Jay-Z, btw, for critically reducing what I'm allowed to wear out these days.  Shit.


<3 always,


[images via macys.com]

and for no particular reason / I want you to pull me in closer / and tell me that you ain't leaving...


Oh, hai.  I usually can't stand updates because I think if you're gonna do something you should just do it and your actions will speak for themselves. But obviously it's okay if I do it.

But really, I feel like I have to explain the awkward state my blog is in.  Please don't think I actually like it this way; it's under construction.  This is completely attributed to the fact that this semester is kicking me in my oh, wait, I may actually have to do this assignment ass.  And hard.  I've gotten maybe five hours of sleep total this past week including the weekend because my shower picked this motherfucking week to leak on my downstairs neighbor's motherfucking closet which is kinda cool (for me obvi, not her) because now I have a brand new shower but it required workpeople to kick me out of my room at 9:00 in the morning on the only two days I have to sleep past 7, and I reallyyy needed to sleep past 7 last week.  << Cranky.

So today I have a break (and by break I mean I have nothing due tomorrow but rather the day after allowing me to pretend for just one night that life is sweet and I have no obligations) and thought it was a prime time to let you dear readers back into my life.  I totally attempted this 5 hours earlier, btw, but it ended up with me faceplanted to my craptop keyboard, contacts dryly adhered to my eyes, with no recollection of ever falling asleep. 

But yes, onto the changes.  It's nothing major but I changed my layout because too many people had my old one and everyone knows I'm an original and that will not do. There will be a fancy header up there one day, I swear.  I also just added a Followers widget. Blogger says after adding it I should mention it in my blog as soon as possible but I like to think that the people who stumble across this are bright enough to notice it on their own.  Yeah, that's right.  When no one else has faith in you, I do.  Remember that. 

Yep, I think that's it!

<3 always,


[obligatory random photo via we heart it.]

Testing, testing.

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So I just changed from IE to Firefox.  And holy fucking shit it is better.

I am a heavy user of second chances.

I find it hilarious that for Gossip Girl's fake Bella from fake Twilight, they picked another chick who can't act, too.

Why do the express trains always come to a screeching halt at Canal St and roll incredibly slow through Franklin? Is Franklin St. in danger of collapsing?

Speaking of trains, will they ever re-open Cortland St?

Remember when the people on those MTV dating shows used to be good looking? Well, they're not anymore.

One day I will own LVMH.  That is all. 

heart always,


Public Service Announcement OO2

I don't buy this whole celibacy bit.  It ain't about shit.  Ask someone why they're celibate or more importantly when they plan on breaking that stride they'll reply "I'm tired of games, I'm waiting for something bigger" or something to that extent.

Bitch, if you took that mentality from the get you wouldn't be in the position where you had to take a break from smashing randoms.  I could've told you your ass when you were 14 that wasn't going to find you love.  Or something bigger


<3 always,


Charlotte Ronson, Derek Lam, Botiker, and Theory sales!

 Charlotte Ronson

Dates: Wed 12.2- Fri 12.4

Location: 1071 Sixth Ave @ 41st St, ste. 301

Times: 10AM-7PM all dates

Derek Lam

Dates: Thurs 12.3- Fri 12.4

Location: 601 W. 26th St b/w 11th & 12th, ste. 1730

Times: 10AM-6 PM all dates


Dates: Thurs 12.3- Sun 12.6

Location: 195 Lafayette St. b/w Broom and Kenmare

Times: Thurs & Fri, 11AM-7PM; Sat, 11AM-6PM; Sun, noon-5PM


Dates: Fri 12.4- Wed 12.9

Location: 261 W. 36th St, b/w 7th and 8th, 2nd Fl

Times: Weekdays 11AM-7PM, Weekends 11AM-5PM

Dress it up, dolls!

<3 always,


[logo images via Google Image Search]

I've never been one for fingerless gloves but...

Free People would be the brand to change my mind.  ^_^  Cute!

<3 always,


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