Have you ever...

...told someone, oh I love that song by so-and-so, and they're all whaaa that song's mad old, and you're like so what, so what, I can't still like it?  Stop being all pretentious, you are not smarter than me!

No?  ::sigh:: What do you guys know anyway.

So yeah, this isn't new.  But I still like it.  The video's trippy.  And who ever thought we'd actually see Rihanna dance again?  Ok Rih-rih!

How I cheer my younger sister up

Because who doesn't like Asian children?

17 year old sister: Wah, what should I do after prom, wah?  Wah, wah, I don't have anyone to ride with.  -excessive punctuation- My friends are all riding with their boyfriends who are cousins.  Wah, wah!*

My response: First of all the fact that all three of your friends are dating cousins is weird to me.  Just weird.  Secondly, since all of them have a cousin I'm pretty sure there's someone else in that oddly extensive family that can take you.  Thirdly, I don't see why that means you have to be kicked out of the limo anyway.  And fourthly (which isn't a word so don't use it) I don't think people like that are worth spending your time with.  And I am right because I AM AN EXCELLENT JUDGE OF CHARACTER.  Word.  So basically you need to stop hanging out with them and think of a plan b quickly.  Get on that.

I should be a life coach.

*This may or may not have been exactly how she said it.

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Top 3 homosexuals who should not be homosexuals because of the totally awesome things we could do together

Clinton Kelly
I imagine our days would be filled with tickle fights and snickering at poorly dressed strangers.

Anderson Cooper
Nightly we would have stimulating conversation in front of our wood burning fireplace as we drain expensive bottles of wine.

Marc Jacobs
How, Marc, HOW can you make things like this, and this and then say that you don't like women??  Oh, the stylish children we could have!  I don't even want kinds but I would have twins with you.  Do you hear me?  Twins!

I could settle with just being friends with them.  I guess.  ::sigh::

Completely unrelated PS: Seeing as the time I have to dedicate to blogging is few and far between these days, I thought I try that whole posting from the past thing.  Or as Blogger likes to call it "scheduling posts".  But whatever, that's lame.  I should so be on their creative team.  My point being, more regular posts coming soon.  Aaaoow!

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My apologies...

...this was supposed to be just part of a longer, more relevant to life post.  But I've been at the public library for hours already using their wireless internet since I'm in Jersey visiting my childhood home aka land of dial up internet and I cannot put up with anything that reached it's peak in the mid-90s because, my God it's 2010.  We're supposed to have flying cars by now. 

Anywhos, above everything I just wanted to share this video that aired during the Superbowl yesterday (congrats Reggie with your fine ass Saints!) in case you missed it.

Now if that isn't the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  I smiled when it was over.  Smiled!  And I have a pretty low tolerance for sappy shit.  I'm damn near diabetic.

You see that Coca Cola?  That is how you pull on a viewer's heartstrings.  Stop with the 60 sec spots that try uber hard to make Coke seem like it has been and always will be a part of my life.  IT'S NOT.  Coke tastes likes ass.  Your Mom's ass.  Hi-yo!


uno.  I just started reading the blogs I follow in Google Reader and OMG I'VE BEEN WASTING SO MUCH TIME USING THE BLOGGER DASHBOARD TO VISIT INDIVIDUAL BLOGS!  The reader puts all the posts in on one spot.  In chronological order!  Genius!!

due.  Blackberry should stop coming up with lame names for new but essentially the same line extensions and put a fucking Caps Locks on these motherfuckers.  Many a'times I have not been able to express my full amount of excitement/anger/other extreme emotions in a text/IM/BBM because I didn't have the patience to hold down each key for a full second.

tre.  Wtf, do they not make smooth style salsa anymore?  Because I can never find any.

quattro. People who only strive for average irk me.

cinque.  Sometimes I click on blog ads even when I'm not remotely interested in the product.  I'm just generous like that.

sei. Also, remember this?  I bought them.

sette.  I once convinced my little sister that she had leprosy.


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Remember those...

...sexy-as-rainboots-can be all weather Jimmy Choo for Hunter boots?  And remember how they cost like, $500?  And then remember how they were all sold out and now you can only find them "gently used" on Ebay for like $700+ which is ridiculous because I would only pay more for something pre-worn if they previously belong to Brit-Brit and guaranteed me a slutty good time?  No? Well these are them:

via Google Images

And these, my friends, these shits righh hereee, are Hunter's very own new Boa Tall Rain Boots for $225.  

BONG.  You're welcome.

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