The Unpopular Opinion: Why Brit Brit's Feature on S&M (da remix) Was Not a Complete Flop

Ok, show of hands, who was pretty excited about the S&M Remix featuring our girl Britney Spears?   Now how many of you were as excited after hearing it?  Ok... a lot fewer of you.  And I feel you on that.  But hear me out...

Overlooking Rihanna's annoyingly sharp and repetitive opening of how much she "likes it, likes it", the remix does not differ from the original for the first half of the song.  Rihanna gives off the impression that she can hold a note by moaning her way through the first 2 minutes and some change before handing it off to Britney.  And it's all downhill from there.

But here's where I have I have to give my 2 cents.  Firstly, why did we (the public that was excited for the union) hype the track up like it was going to be the duet of the century?  As much of a fan as I am of both of them, we all know that they're both mediocre singers at best.  Rihanna, specifically, has a tone that consistently treads dangerously close to being off key.  (Did we already forget the annoyance they called "Unfaithful"?)  So what do you get when you add a semi-decent singer, that would be Britney, on a sub-par singer's track?  Even worse singing.  Top it off with layers of unnecessary auto-tune most likely used to mimic Rihanna's pitchy vocal flips and you have a hot mess.

IMHO, the S&M remix was created purely to garner some hype for Rihanna while dissing Britney's musical prowess.  Asking Brit Brit to feature on the song was media sabotage.   I mean they are competition to each other after all.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but at the end of the day it is Rihanna's song so her camp has the last say on how it sounds.  And if you can make Ms Fenty sound like she's a power vocalist, there's some real fuckery going on.  Period.

Now, I have to hear what you all think of this one:

Are you a fan of the remix?

1 Response to "The Unpopular Opinion: Why Brit Brit's Feature on S&M (da remix) Was Not a Complete Flop"

  1. roni says:

    I hated the remix. It sounded awful. I am a conspiracy theorist as well so I feel like this shit was done purposely. There's two things everyone in the free world knows one is Rihanna has a big ass forehead not matter how they cover it and two, Rihanna damn sure can't sing. Rihanna has a way of yelling through the whole song and it seems okay to listen to. They had to put Britney on the auto tune because she can really sing and Rihanna really can't.

    It was a fail. That is all.

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