On the Radar: The Flip Video Faces Extinction

It's every shopper's second most dreaded word in the world of commerce (the first being "back-ordered", duh), discontinued.  Cisco's cool little device, the Flip Video, is set to be discontinued after just two years on the market.  The slim and user friendly device that boasts specs such as HD 720p resolution capabilities and 8 GB of memory, just wasn't meeting Cisco's bottom line; the Flip has only sold approximately 2 million units since it's release.

With a flip out USB interface for fool proof uploading as its gimmick, it's understandable how the Flip Video flew on past the prototype phase.  But the audience just isn't there.  Think about it, who's really videotaping shit that often who isn't into the webcam thing or, you know, already owns a real camcorder?   Not to mention, while super cute, there just isn't anymore room for yet another device that does something that's already being covered by another gadget you own.  In a world where smartphones do just about everything short of filling in your chipped manicure, devices that only do one thing are almost laughable and nearly always disposable.  Plus, between my Blackberry, Nook e-Reader, Itouch, and Lumix camera, my faux-leather studded carry-all is no longer accepting entries for the stuff you will most likely not use today yet will carry anyway position.  No mas, papi, no mas.

IMHO, deading the Flip was a smart move for Cisco which is better known for their superior networking services (high tech routers and video conferencing, anyone?)  Anyway, if you can make room for another gadget you'll eventually have to troubleshoot (technology, man) expect some discounts on the Flip Video as retailers try to get rid of the stragglers hiding in the back stock room.  Consider this your heads up. And you're welcome.  ;)

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