Around the Blog-o-verse: Laurie-Ann Gibson stops by Bitchie Life

The woman who brought you "boom-kak!" and brings dance rookies to tears, LaurieAnn Gibson, recently dropped by Bitchie Life for an exclusive interview and photo shoot.  In it she discusses everything from her old projects to her new projects to how hard the grind can really get.

Although a little all over the place, Gibson gives me life going into the details of running the business that is her life.   Raw and real, Lady Gaga's choreographer-in-chief closes the interview giving some some sage advice to bright-eyed, show biz newbies:
...even if you have overnight success like some of my groups [like Danity Kane], you get thrown into a business that’s about profit and then people attach themselves to your gift and they put you on the hype train. They gas your ego up. You drink the Kool-aid, you will choke. Don’t be so quick to want to make it overnight or want to be in that place of worldly status because there is always a glitch in the matrix and you have to be built to be number one or you’ll slip. Danity Kane got to number one and they didn’t spend enough time being humble or doing the work so when they got in the ring, and they got beat. Now they have to start all over again. Overnight success and short cuts draw blood. There are no short cuts because even when you think you’ve made it or the world says you’ve made it, there is still more work to do. Making it, is getting up every day and fighting to remain humble, grateful and to find a bigger purpose or another level to why you are who you are. It’s not over until He calls you home and that’s when you’ve made it.
#word.  For the complete interview and more shots from the exclusive photo shoot visit the Bitchie Life page @ Necole Bitchie.

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  1. LaurieAnn Gibson has a strong appeal wearing her black hipster panties.

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