Out of This World: Katy Perry is Not On Our Level

Or at least that's what she wants us to think.  In her new video for her latest single E.T. featuring Kanye West, our favorite sorority girl takes her lyrics very seriously taking us on a 5 minute journey in outer space.

I mean... I guess.

I didn't at all mind the intro with Yeezy floating about in a futuristic space ball or even the first minute of Katy writhing in mid-air.  They paid a lot for the art direction in the video so dammit, they're going to show you some meaningless imagery!  I did mind the fact that Katy continued to bounce around from planet to planet for more than half the video.  Halfway through the second verse it was like, oh so they're just going to wait until the bridge before something pops off, huh?  Oh ok.   -_-

Finally, Katy arrives at what seems to be the Land that Radio Shack Forgot, resurrects the MTV Moonman, throws on some sponsored stunna shades, and walks off into the sunset.

Personally, as a fan of the song, the video left me feeling like I sat through a whole bunch of nothing for the most part.  Whatever Katy was selling just then, I'm not buying.

Plus, it's all too clear that Perry's team was biting off of heavily inspired by Lady Godga's Born This Way video; except hers was successfully much more disturbing and actually had a point.  Katy seemed awkward and out of place in what was supposed to be an eerie video.  She would've been much better suited playing a sexy, ethereal being seeking some human loving.

Eh.  I give this video 2 (out of 5) Katy-cats.

So what do you think of the video?  Flop or not?

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