Rants and Raves: Blogspot Upgrades

Just days after I put poured my blood, sweat, and glitter Ke$ha style into creating a new layout, Blogger comes out with this doozy.

Wanna check out your blog's new view?  Provided it's a .blogspot just type in http://yourblognamehere.blogspot.com/view.  There are five sleek layouts to choose from.  Check mine out here.

Look at me now, ayeee!

Shoutout to Fashion by He for the heads up!

2 Response to "Rants and Raves: Blogspot Upgrades"

  1. ooo peep you out. love the layout. FANCY!

    tee says:

    Thanksss. Thought I'd come back with a bang, yanno? ;)

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