I know I've been blogging like a fiend lately, but two things:

1: Imeem is dead?  No, scratch that, Imeem is worse than dead; it merged with Myspace??  What... who uses that shit anymore??

2. Erm, "real time results"?  Seriously, Google.  People's tweets are far from accurate answers to my queries.*

I mean seriously.

*So there def was supposed be a screenshot to support my second point.  But now, the real time results things is no where to be found.  But believe you me, when that shit shows up again I'm editing this post.  Unbelievable.**
**Kay, so evidently it's like some kind of widget you have to add to your browser.  Mind you, I found out about this nonsense using a computer at school.  So it exists, just not on my shit.  :)

4 Response to "Wtfux?"

  1. michelle_ says:

    this is something new i've just heard !
    i used to use imeem for embedded music playlist on my social network profiles !

    hanks for commenting at my postt..
    visit / follow / and comment me .
    glisters & blisters
    last 4 days to enter my scarf giveaway!

    what's imeem? sounds like a deaf person site.

    wow! best comment i've ever received. thank you! i hate boo-hoo posts too (though that seems to be what everyone likes). i 95% of the time only write funny (if you check out all my other stuff). just wanted to put up a more personal post today. anyhoo. you've won me over. thanks.

    tee says:

    michelle_: Yep. I used to use imeem for everything!

    MODG: Actuallyyyy it's a streaming music site. Aka a site that reminds deaf people of their shortcomings. So, close!

    Hipstercrite: :) Yeah, I usually come for teh lolz but that personal post really hit home. PS: I see you're a blog of note. I would like to point out that I was following prior to that event. BECAUSE I AM AN ORIGINAL, KTHANX.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

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