I love guidossss, I love guidos!

When I first heard about MTV's The Jersey Shore, I had no intentions on doing a commentary.  Because what is there really to say?  Stereotypical or not, these people truly exist; it's only way this show can exist.   And as a girl who grew up in New Jersey and now attends classes in Staten Island, the mecca of all things guido, I'm one of the few people who can attest to that. 

For what it's worth, I watched the premiere and I was glued to the TV for the full two hours.  Glued!  Thoroughly entertained doesn't even begin to cover it.  It was hilarious, ridiculous, and just plain fun.  What's more entertaining than watching a bunch of kids enjoy their youth?  That's what MTV was built on, after all.  Not music.  That was a marketing ploy.


This morning on the Hot 97's morning show (or maybe it was Power 105.1, they're like the same channel) Rosenburg (sp?) (also, see: token White boy) was all in his classic, I'm gonna sound like I agree with you but end with how I really feel, that you're wrong and let you ponder on that attitude, saying how he liked it but whined about how the show was offensive.  "How is it offensive if it's true?" The rest of that random ass radio show cast asks.  "Because it attributes negative connotations to a specific ethnic group.  If it were any other group portrayed that poorly, it wouldn't be okay."  Replies Rosenburg in not so many words.

Negative, my Jewish friend, negative.  Those shows do exist and evidently are okay.  In fact, they have their very own network.  Ever hear of BET?

Programs that show all African-American families are comprised of a crackhead mother and equally screwed up children?  Check.  Programs that show an African-American girl's true dream is to be a rapper's baby mother?  Check.  Programs that show African-Americans only listen to hip-hop and R&B?  Check.  Programs that show that once African-Americans get a little money they either go totally bougy, "act white", or both?  Check. **

People eat that shit up with no complaints.  How come you're not mad about that??

<3 always,

**Bonus tee appreciation points to whomever can name the shows I'm referring to!

PS: Lastly, (FTW!) I must point out that I believe 1 out of the 8 cast members was actually from NJ.  One!  All my life I've been trying to prove that people from NJ aren't really like that, rather it's the influx of people from Staten Island and Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge Brooklyn who clutter our shores every weekend.  Sooo, take that haters! 

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2 Response to "I love guidossss, I love guidos!"

  1. Kwame says:

    Preach Darling Preach. I wrote and E-mail to UNICO expressing your exact sentiments.

    Anonymous says:

    how about the fact that these the african-american shows of which you speak, actually have black actors, while 3 of the members on the jersey shore are calling people guidos and guidettes and are not even italian?

    i think there is a difference.

    check out my blog!

    i enjoyed your post. i just wrote a blog about the racism on the show and the people who watch it. read it and let me know what you think.



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