Don't you just hate it when...

...people who are supposed to help you, can't?  Like when you call customer service about your tempermental cell phone and the representative from Bangladesh* agrees that your phone is messed up and suggests you head to your nearest T-Mobile to get that shit checked out?  Or when you go to a store and the lady's all, are you looking for anything specific?  And you're all, yeah a [insert something incredibly simple here, like a little back dress].  And the sales lady is all, oh idk if we have that.  ??

I managed to find a dress for my homegirl's bashment.  It's a slinky number with rouching detail that hits just above the knee.  I had the perfect kind of shoe in mind to go along with it.  You know, a closed toe, T-strap, 4 inch pump, with a ruffle detail on the strap.  Like this:

or this:

or even this**:

Not only could I not find said shoe IRL while shopping today; no one knew what I was getting at either.  I mean, help a sister out, please.

Ah well, good ole slingback standbys it is then...

<3 always,


*Okay, I exaggerate.  I don't think T-Mobile outsources its customer service personelle.  I could care less anyway seeing as I have AT&T.  More bars in more places, bitches!
**Yeah, I know that one is technically a peep toe.  But, so what?  I would dead ass wear them tomorrow in this NYC winter.  And I dare you to look at me funny.  :P

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