and for no particular reason / I want you to pull me in closer / and tell me that you ain't leaving...


Oh, hai.  I usually can't stand updates because I think if you're gonna do something you should just do it and your actions will speak for themselves. But obviously it's okay if I do it.

But really, I feel like I have to explain the awkward state my blog is in.  Please don't think I actually like it this way; it's under construction.  This is completely attributed to the fact that this semester is kicking me in my oh, wait, I may actually have to do this assignment ass.  And hard.  I've gotten maybe five hours of sleep total this past week including the weekend because my shower picked this motherfucking week to leak on my downstairs neighbor's motherfucking closet which is kinda cool (for me obvi, not her) because now I have a brand new shower but it required workpeople to kick me out of my room at 9:00 in the morning on the only two days I have to sleep past 7, and I reallyyy needed to sleep past 7 last week.  << Cranky.

So today I have a break (and by break I mean I have nothing due tomorrow but rather the day after allowing me to pretend for just one night that life is sweet and I have no obligations) and thought it was a prime time to let you dear readers back into my life.  I totally attempted this 5 hours earlier, btw, but it ended up with me faceplanted to my craptop keyboard, contacts dryly adhered to my eyes, with no recollection of ever falling asleep. 

But yes, onto the changes.  It's nothing major but I changed my layout because too many people had my old one and everyone knows I'm an original and that will not do. There will be a fancy header up there one day, I swear.  I also just added a Followers widget. Blogger says after adding it I should mention it in my blog as soon as possible but I like to think that the people who stumble across this are bright enough to notice it on their own.  Yeah, that's right.  When no one else has faith in you, I do.  Remember that. 

Yep, I think that's it!

<3 always,


[obligatory random photo via we heart it.]

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