The Search For...

the perfect school bag. Never mind it's already October and never mind I never bring my books to school anyway. I need a new bag for school. I've been trolling my favorite websites and have narrowed down my options to these chosen few.

Juicy Couture "Downtown It Girl Rule Breaker Leather Tote"

Yay for Juicy Couture that doesn't look like Juicy Couture! They make some decent stuff when they're not marketing towards middle school girls with a highly disposable allowance.
Pros: It doesn't look like Juicy Couture. Rofl. Real distressed leather and lots of compartments
Cons: It looks pretty narrow. How much can I really get in there? Like a folder or two?

Melie Bianco "School Boy Tote"

I found this after a little digging on Piperlime. It's a little Kate Spade-esque, no?
Pros: I'm digging the masculine feel and how it just looks like it's meant to carry school supplies. Also there's a nice 8.5 strap drop which means I can comfortably throw it over my shoulder. My books are way too heavy to have to deal with carrying my bag in the crook of my elbow like it's a hollow Speedy.
Cons: It's faux leather. Here's hoping it doesn't look super cheap in real life. ::crosses fingers::

L.A.M.B. "Dorset Lambert Tote"

So, I've never been completely down with the LAMB line because I felt Gwen had a lot of nerve charging so much for her stuff right out the gate. Chanel you are not. I mean her price point rivals that of select LV bags. And she's so serious. However, this bag is sleek and sexy so I have to admit I'm a fan.
Pros: The wide base allows room for a ton of stuff without looking huge from the outside. Optional shoulder strap, although I'd probably never use it.
Cons: $500? There's just no way. I'd cop it if it went on sale for $300, though.

L.A.M.B. "Darjeeling Henna Jaipur Tote"

Yeah, it's another LAMB bag, sue me. I have a soft spot for anything graphic which fortunately stops yards away from anything Ed Hardy.
Pros: It looks like it has a wide base and stiff piping so it can stand on its own. I'm very particular on how my stuff lays so that's a huge plus.
Cons: $400 for a canvas bag is asking a lot. Plus it's an open top. Can a homegirl get a zipper? A strap?? Something!

Longchamp "Le Pliage Large Nylon Tote"

The good ole standby. I never got the fascination for these Longchamp totes; every girl in the city from the 16 year old prep schooler to the 27 year old professional seems to have at least one. Usually two as they come in so many different colors. But they hold a lot of shit so you have to at least give them that.
Pros: Decent color choices. The nylon seems like that durable stuff where you can easily wipe off a weeks worth of subway grime with a wet cloth.

Cons: I mean, there's nothing necessarily wrong with it, it just would never be my first choice.

By the end of this, I kind of settled on the school boy tote by Melie Bianco. For some reason my thoughts keep going back to it so that must be a sign. Plus, there's free return shipping. :P
Next up, my search for the perfect over-the-knee boot!

<3  always,

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  1. love the school boy tote.. cons of the longchamp bag.. it's nylon cheap and there's no insurance policy once that shit breaks :)

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