The Wow Factor

As a quintessential Taurus who knows how to appreciate some good comfort, there was no way I could not report on this. The hip and swanky W Hotel has recently opened a new facility in Hoboken, NJ. Minutes from the city, the majority of its 225 rooms boast sweeping views of the Hudson River and NYC skyline. The Jersey haters out there, aka everyone not from the underestimated state, should note that Hoboken is actually a vibrant, bustling city worth giving a shot. It’s mostly a young professional commuter city with a budding nightlife scene; in fact locals can now add the W’s Chandelier Room on the list of places to schmooze. And the commute? $1.75 in exchange for a Path ticket will get you out of the Garden State to Wall Street in 10 minutes and 34th Street in 20. Compare that to the $2.25 MTA has the nerve to charge you to move within the city, subjecting you to a jarring, standing room only ride, at the mercy of track fires, service changes, and train traffic.

Not to diss NY. I like it here. But I’m just saying.

The suites range from a cozy 280 sq ft with all the basic amenities to a lavish 1,088 sq ft 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo. Um, I’ll take that one please? Click here to check rates on all the rooms if you’re daring; I mean it is a luxury hotel.

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