The Stores Less Visited

You know when you stop by a store you've never heard of before, find something you love, and go all, "omg, thank God I did exactly what I did today or else I never would've found this!!!111"?

Okay, so that was super specific but you know what I mean.

Well today I had the minor epiphany of: couldn't that apply to stores that we purposely avoid as well? Not the stores of poor taste ::coughAmericanApparelcough:: but the corny stores you know you wouldn't find anything of interest in. Isn't there a small possibility that somewhere in those racks of graphic tees and polyester blend twin sets there might just be one dimly glittering gem?

As an experiment to just that, I thoroughly browsed the stock at Target, Kohl's, JC Penny, and even Sears. ::le gasp!:: Via their websites of course. You didn't actually think I visited those places, did you?? Below is the expectedly short, but sweet list of items worthy of our attention.

Heart & Soul
Rouched Pencil Skirt

@ Kohls


You really can't go wrong will a good fitting pencil skirt. The cute contrasted bow detail gives it just a touch of sweetness.

Tiered Floral Strapless Dress

@ Kohl's


It could do for a better pattern but I like the shape. If you're anything like me, you'd pair this with some funky booties and an understated clutch for a night out with the girls.

Anna Sui for Target
Herringbone Dress

@ Target

So, I didn't do a feature about Anna Sui's Gossip Girl inspired line because I thought it was a little over hyped. But giving it a second look, the stuff is cute if you have to shop at Target. This look fits Blair to a T which makes me a fan.

Anna Sui for Target
Seersucker Dress w/ Lace

@ Target


So it looks like the price ceiling for Junior's dresses at Target is $60. Lol. Another Blair inspired piece. Cute but this wouldn't fit girls with a grown up body. Where would you put your hips?

Anna Sui for Target
Bib Tee Shirt
@ Target
Okay, hold the phone. There's something just so cute, and dare I say, sexy about this tee shirt. The reviews say it's kind of see through... Luckily, that's just how I like it. ^_^

Not surprisingly, I did not find one thing at JC Penny or Sears. And to think the former had the nerve to take over the Manhattan Mall. Hmph!

Coming soon, I'll check out what's been good with Miss Sixty and round up what's hot at the mall so you don't have to.

<3 always,


PS: Dear Blogger, we speak again. I don't know what kind of minions you have running around in search of malicious comments aimed towards your editing system but it appears that you have submitted to my demands fixed some common problems. Or maybe there was a learning curve involved that I just unknowingly learned. Either way, things are running much more smoothly. Many unexplained line breaks still appear when I embed pictures, but it's easier to fix now. Keep it up you faceless team of webmasters, you. Keep it up.

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