My week in away messages.

I cannot continue to take classes with these fools. smh.

Um... I hate when people say FML and their story isn't even funny. YDI for being so lame!
::Break -- Three Days Grace::

Going to navigate Prospect Park today. Here's hoping I don't get lost! Rofl.
::Here We Go Again -- Demi Lovato::

Out!! [Club name] tonight with the homegirl R. Mixing it up with the hood chicks for the sake of my other homegirl's bday.
Grown and sexy! Yes I'm 21 & I don't know how to act.
If you're reading this right now you need to just get an effing Blackberry already so we can bbm. AIM is sooooo lame. :P
Over & out! && tipsy!

Sleeeeeeeeeep. :)

"We settle for far too much in this life... love should absolutely, positively, without a doubt NOT be one of those things"
::New Perspective -- Panic at the Disco::

heart always,


PS: I totally jacked the quote in the last one from some one's blog. Don't kill me!

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