Lohan does Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro decided to throw a curveball the season by hiring famed starlet Lindsay Lohan as "artistic director". When I first heard this, I took it with a grain of salt figuring it was just the usual let's tag a celebrity name to our clothing bit. But by the looks of it, Lohan's misguided hands were all over this project.

The show opened with a hot pink bandage number that showed a little promise. But as the show went on, look after dissapointing look trotted down the runway. The pieces were terribly uninspired and, I hate to say it, just tacky. The heart motif felt random and forced as well.

However, we can't blame Lindsay entirely as I'm sure most critics would like to. She was only part of a team which included another face new to Ungaro, relatively unknown Spanish designer Estrella Archs. I applaud Ungaro's efforts on obtaining a fresh perspective but really, where was the supervision?

Maybe as with previous designer Esteban Cortazar it will take three solid seasons for this new duo to really hit the mark. Here's hoping the audience sticks around to see it.

[Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2010 RTW]

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