** There should be a new punctuation mark created for when you want to put this "?!" but want to not look like a dramatic 14 year old.  But sometimes I really am shouting a question!  Or asking something angrily!  You know?!

**Did you know there's a difference between prison and jail?  'Cause there is.  ...You'll wanna steer clear of prison.

**I once convinced my sister you could sell children on Ebay.  She hasn't been the same since.

**Meet my new bffae.  HIIIIIII SARA.  

**I will write a real post one of these days.

**Thanks for sticking with me.

Love && rockets,

6 Response to "Microbloggin'"

  1. Sara says:

    *I use that punctuation all the time! And then I delete it because I feel like people are going to judge me based on my ?! usage. At least I don't use 2 instead of to, right?!

    *There's probably a lot more ass raping going on prisons. Don't you think?! (That totally didn't warrant a ?! but I did it anyways.)

    *My dad convinced his sister and brother that looking directly at a flashlight would blind you. They still freak the fuck out if we shine a flashlight in their general direction. And they're, like, 50 years old.

    *bff always and forever for life!


    I love Love & Rockets!! I haven't read that in years.

    Hah the word verification is : Ploptsi. Sounds like a cute term for a BM.

    I personally love the question mark/exclamation combination, but that's just me. Then again, you could say that I can be as dramatic as a 14 year old girl at times... :)

    tee says:

    @Sara: Be true to yourself. Use whatever punctuation you feel is necessary. (I will still judge but at least you'll be at peace with yourself.) ...Just one ass raping is one too many. So you're fucked either way, really. ...Dude, how do they deal when someone's driving in the opposite direction with their high-beams on, then? I hate that shit!

    @Ckrets: Yeah, I totally love that obscure reference that would prob give me mad bonus cool points if I actually knew what you were talking about, too! ::awkward chuckle:: ...Ha. You said bowel movement. ::snort::

    @Tsar: <<Coolest abbreviation ever. YOU'RE WELCOME. Dramatic is fine if you have a reason. As long as it's not just plain angst. I hate angsty teens. Like, un-twist your Hello Kitty panties for Christ's sake.

    Black Rob says:

    You're a spaz and your blog is great. I kinda skip the fashion parts because I am the kind of person that only has 3 pairs of pants. But all the other stuff? Fantastische!

    Leonnie says:

    The quesclamation mark exists..."‽", it conveys your anger/excitement while making you seem extra smart for using obscure punctuation

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