Weekend inspiration: A little Polyvore...

...for that ass.


Military Strapless Dress by Love via Topshop
Knitted Stud Shoulder Cardigan via Topshop
Carvela Amanda Straped Heeled Sandals via Asos 
Floral Cross Body Clutch Bag via Topshop 
Crystalised Ring via Modcloth
Paula Bianco 'Romantic Embellishment' Blush Pink Chiffon With Crystal Detail via Asos.

Do you procrastinate on life making sets, too?  Email me a link and I'll feature you. ...Probably.  ...Maybe.  ...If it doesn't suck.  ^_^

Happy Asian smiles,

4 Response to "Weekend inspiration: A little Polyvore..."

  1. roni says:

    rofl. this is soooo girly. Where's the black?! i love di dress though!

    I love that sweater! haha I procrasinate on life by being on blogspot all the time

    Hellloo. I just discovered your blog from Sara Swears a Lot. Also, my best friend's nickname is Tee. I think it's a sign. *subscribes*

    tee says:

    @roni: Ya mom's girly.

    @Pop: I felt the shoulder detail balanced the not-having-shoulderness of the strapless dress. And yes, that made perfect sense in my head.

    @taylor: Hiiiiiiii. Welcome. Stay a while. :D

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