to be completely consumed by it
to not have room to want anyone else
anything else
to be at the mercy of someone else
to think you know everything but still be surprised by
the hoarseness of an exclamation
the swiftness of a movement
the never wavering anticipation
to be half of the only warm thing in a cold room
heart racing while lying still
to match your breathing to that of another
inhale, exhale, sigh, inhale
to feel your body light up to the touch
lips on lips, skin on skin, skin on lips, lips on skin
to hold your mouth open and have it gently closed
to press your mouth close and have it gently parted
to spend an entire weekend indoors 
doing nothing but holding, touching, feeling
a warm hand cupped on a cheek
a rough palm against a lower back
a warm whisper gracing a collarbone
to look at him 
and see everything
you didn't even know you could see

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  1. roni says:

    somebody is in looooooooooove. and fuccckin too. :)

    tee says:

    Actuallyyyy I wrote this months ago.

    Also, shaddup. :P

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