uno.  I just started reading the blogs I follow in Google Reader and OMG I'VE BEEN WASTING SO MUCH TIME USING THE BLOGGER DASHBOARD TO VISIT INDIVIDUAL BLOGS!  The reader puts all the posts in on one spot.  In chronological order!  Genius!!

due.  Blackberry should stop coming up with lame names for new but essentially the same line extensions and put a fucking Caps Locks on these motherfuckers.  Many a'times I have not been able to express my full amount of excitement/anger/other extreme emotions in a text/IM/BBM because I didn't have the patience to hold down each key for a full second.

tre.  Wtf, do they not make smooth style salsa anymore?  Because I can never find any.

quattro. People who only strive for average irk me.

cinque.  Sometimes I click on blog ads even when I'm not remotely interested in the product.  I'm just generous like that.

sei. Also, remember this?  I bought them.

sette.  I once convinced my little sister that she had leprosy.


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  1. MODG says:

    convincing dumb people of stuff rules my world

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