I got around to making an entry that actually involves what this blog is all about! LuxeLittleThings that make me happy. ­^_^

Anna Sheffield is a jewelry designer based out of good old NYC and is popularly known for her trendy line Bing Bang. Originally from New Mexico, the premiere designer has recently released a new line for Target, Tar-jeh if you’re trendy ;), which is just as cute and affordable to boot.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of jewelry. I love to buy it, but I either always forget to put it on or more commonly lose it leaving me depressed for the rest of the day. Bing Bang, however, gets me every time. It’s like shopping in a serious eye candy store, you’re all “I want that, that, -- and that!” But then you see the price and quickly realize that as bad as your shopping habit is, you’re not yet at that point in your life where you can justify dropping $300 on a necklace that wouldn’t fall into the “fine jewelry” category.

When I heard Sheffield was coming out with a fashion jewelry line for Target, as was hugely skeptical. Because of what’s out there, I immediately associate fashion jewelry to stuff that looks cheap and way too costume-y. BUT, I was thrilled to find that Anna Sheffield for Target actually looks like fashion jewelry. Each piece is incredibly unique, vintage-y, and looks pretty HQ. Nothing screams
I found this at the bottom of a clear plexiglass bowl at Forever21. Isn’t it cute?!

The two pieces above I fell in love with and I’m thinking about copping. Even though the cuckoo clock ring kindaaaa looks like something a cat lady might’ve picked up at the local TJ Maxx jewelry counter. o_O I think it’s quirky though! The necklace is a locket btw. Bonus cuteness.

Be sure to learn more about all things Anna Sheffield by clicking the links below!

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