Lord GaGa Does it Again: Judas Music Video Premiere

In true dramatic fashion the music video for Judas, Lady GaGa's second single off her Born This Way album, was released yesterday to thunderous cheers and a lot of head scratching.  What was supposed to be an E! exclusive, the video leaked mid-day on the internet spreading so quickly that the GaGa camp eventually gave up and posted the video on the artist's own Vevo site.

The video kicks off some wide angle shots of your atypical biker gang cruising the highway except this one is fronted by a badass (and handsome) Jesus-esque character with Lady GaGa herself cozying up to him on the back seat.  With a couple of significant glances towards the rebellious Judas, who's bringing up the rear of the pack, it's clear within the first minute that GaGa is playing the torn between two lovers game. The video continues on to explore a dance scene in a parking lot, a dance scene in a bar, a dance scene in an alley, a foot washing scene, a vicious baptism in what appears to be Grand Rapids, a brief moment showcasing the Kiss of Death, and an old fashion stoning scene.  While there's enough imagery and symbolism to make the most dedicated of pop culture interpreters scratch there heads, we won't be getting into any of that here.  Somehow I feel like dissecting this video won't look too good on my report card come judgment day.  I mean some stories just aren't meant to be retold with a new "vision".

Plus, I'm thoroughly convinced that Lady GaGa videos are one of those things that could mean so many things that they actually mean nothing at all.  ...If you know what I mean.

The Pros and Cons (for those of you who like to skim through)


  • The Cast.  That Hay-sus kid is fine as hell.  I'm I right, ladies?!
  • The Choreography.  When you hear this song on the radio the last thing you think of is some hard hitting dance steps.  But LaurieAnn Gibson does it again giving us some punchy moves that ride the beat at just the right moments.  And a lot of it at that.  Boomkak for your life!
  • The Visuals: All subtext aside, GaGa never cuts any corners when it comes to making her videos visually stunning. From the haute couture costumes to the great scene locations to the legions of dancers and extras; the bitch goes all out.  


  • Wtf time was it anyway?  With the lyrics that hinted towards biblical times, the biker gang motif, and the Elizabethan era inspired costumes I was utterly confused as to what the setting was supposed to be.  Good thing it was video and not an English paper...
  • The Mediocre Track: Sorry, even though the song gets slightly more tolerable each time I hear it, I just can't call myself a fan.  So far her Born This Way era fails to impress me; it kind of reeks of a stale disco.  :x

So tell me:

What's your interpretation of the video?

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