On the Radar: Hey Cupcake, Meet Vodka

Okay my Luxe Loves, brace yourself.  This is probably the most epic news I'll have all day for you.  In a marriage made in heaven, Cupcake Vineyards presents, the cupcake flavored vodka.

The brilliant flavor pairing is brought to you by Adam Richardson, head winemaker at Cupcake Vineyards and Doug Frost, Master Sommelier.   The two boast of the unique creation process that includes all natural flavors, distilling six times over, and charcoal filtering which they claim to be the key to capturing the rich and creamy undertones. 

Salivating yet?  Well hold your Pradas, ladies because Cupcake Vodka, which comes in Original, Frosting, Devil's Food, and Chiffon flavors, is still in its early distribution phases.  In the meantime, you can try more traditional flavored wines by Cupcake Vineyards through Underdog Wine Merchants.

At the end of the day a vodka is only as good as it tastes and while that's still up for debate, the super cute name sure does leave us eager for a sample.

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