Stocking stuffers

Cheap gift ideas for the hipster friend in your life.

What: Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend record

For: $14.98

Because: they're so indie. And the lead singer used to be a math teacher. I find that adorable.

Get it: here

What: Cardboard Buck Jr. Trophy
For: $32.00
Because: it'll look great in their "East Williamsburg" loft.

Get it: here

What: Where the Wild Things Are Viewmaster

For: $18.00
Because: they really dig nostalgia.

Get it: here

What: Owl Ring

For: $16.00
Because: it's quirky and vintage-y.

Get it: here

What: Big W Wayfarer Reader

For: $10.00

Because: they look like Ray Bans.

Get it: here

What: Boombox Dock Speakers

For: $18.00

Because: it's so retro.

Get it: here

What: The Polaroid Book by Barbara Hitchcock

For: $14.99

Because: they really dig Polaroids.

Get it: here

What: Holgawood Camera

For: $48.00

Because: they need something to document their trips to flea markets and vegan spots.

Get it: here.

What: Little Birch Jewelry Stand

For: $28.00
Because: they need something to hang their flea market finds on.

Get it: here

What: No Star Socks on Canvas
For: $48.00
Because: photography is their favorite form of art.
Get it: here

heart always,

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  1. LOVE the gift ideas!! Loads of great things on your list that everyone would want!!

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